Let's start from the end: Yes!

The complex period in which we all found ourselves, poses multiple challenges in every detail regarding vacation, and especially in the biggest problem – flying and moving from country to country. Many fear that staying indoors for a long time, along with many people, could lead to the development of what we are all trying to evade.

People chose to stay at home throughout the period. The brave among us even took their private car for a short vacation around the country. But abroad – no one even dreamed.

Just to give the perfect answer, even to the most apprehensive people, we set out in a promising collaboration with an Israeli company that specializes in private flights, and owns new and luxurious aircraft together with a team of veteran pilots.

YKG offers you to take your private plane straight for the perfect vacation abroad for the whole family, when you are free from any worries.

No queues at the airport, no problem with luggage and seating. Just park the car – and start enjoying the full experience.

Oops, we almost forgot…

Of course, at the end, immediately after landing – a private car will be waiting for you that will take you directly to our special and pampering hotel, where you will receive strictly gourmet meals from the best chefs. Along with programs and tours built especially for you by our team of experts in Cyprus.

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