Hundreds of guests tell about the vacation with Kahana Group

Between all the deals for tradition keepers, you will find empowering experiences of the guests who went out to the Blue Lagoon. An unparalleled family experience, quality time worth every minute without compromising on the kosher food issues. You are welcome to watch our guests, and find yourself vacation packages abroad for religious / traditionalists. have a fun vacation!

"The amazing hospitality of Kahana Group, really recommended, pampers us very much. I was hooked on Cyprus."

-Yishai Ribo

"We had an amazing week, full of fun, full of attractions. 40 minutes flight and you are in heaven."

- Hanan Ben Ari


Holiday at the highest level, meals like a king, everything is organized and sweetened and meticulous to the last detail.

- Vladimir Kaminsky


The trip to Thessaloniki, guided by Shimon Perens, was excellent. A rich and varied program but also time to rest and experience. Great group. Excellent cuisine. Fine food and great service.

- Tamar Cohen


Amazing vacation and very worthwhile trips. The hotel rooms are charming and clean and the food is an experience. Championship vacation. Thank you Kahana Group!

- Sharon Kahner


It was an amazing trip!! A unique experience! Excellent service, fine food and plenty!! Good atmosphere and fun trips!

- Esti Steinberg


One of the most enjoyable family experiences we have had !!! The hotel (Crete) is located in the most amazing point on the island! Lots of activities in and around the hotel. The kosher food is excellent as promised!!

- Rafi Turgeman


We traveled to Cyprus for five days and it was lovely! We really enjoyed the trips, the attractions and the perfect hotel. Looking forward to the next trip!

- Hani Shefayim


There is nothing like Kahana Group in the world!! Professional and courteous service!! The best vacation we had!!

- Mandy Lipsker


Recommends the Blue Lagoon Hotel in Paphos - Cyprus. Kahana Group's kosher vacation is worth it all!

- Moran Levy


We took a vacation with Kahana Group in Cyprus - Paphos. A unique experience. highly recommend!!

- Aryeh Shapira

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